Decoration traditional crafts and know-hows Métiers de la décoration Métiers de la décoration

Decoration traditional crafts and know-hows

Find the best art craftsmen and manufacturers : cabinet-maker, upholsterer, stone mason, ferronier ...

Crafts list

In the realm of decoration, France abounds in artistic and craft skills as well as know-hows. Where can we find them? Do we really know and appreciate them?
The present list of traditional crafts and know-hows of decoration craftspeople, artists, small-sized enterprises... is a gold mine!
Its pictures will make you feel like learning more about them.


In our times of too much consuming, a special craft contributes to eco-friendly development: restorer. His job is to repair works of art and more common objects as well.
Restorers with manifold know-how perform astonishing feats when reviving damaged antique objects.
Furniture restorers, painting, fine art painting restorers, mosaic, crystal, ceramic, faucetry, stove restorers ... The list is long.
They have a place of honour in this list.


Boiseries or wood paneling

In the past, buildings and houses had their walls covered with wood paneling. These were often made of oak and sometimes carved. They were painted, varnished or waxed. In some cases, boiseries could be joined with a bookcase, then the paneling and the piece of furniture were just one. Wood would be a natural insulation agent at a time when the huge rooms were difficult to warm.
Some boiseries with a dark oak or walnut stain may look obscure and severe. Other, with a natural or clear stain, make a room look warm. If you happen to like the sight of wood veins it will be a daily sheer entertainment.
One can easily imagine a single wall covered up with boiseries, or a wood panel and small integrated shelves for the family photographs.


A lot of people are fascinated by this craft in which they can see much creativity.
A cabinet-maker is a craftsman first of all; he conceives and makes wooden furniture.
Cabinet-makers'pieces of furniture can either be antique style or contemporary creations.
Cabinet, corner-cupboard, secretaire, desk, wardrobe, dresser, dining table are pieces of cabinetry.
They are massive, dressed in wood veneers or marquetry, carved, stained or varnished... Great care and attention are always given to the finish.
A cabinet-maker is liable to repair antique pieces of furniture as the famous "Boule" furniture or more common models.
Some cabinet-makers are experts in antique styles and other develop their own creativity, imagining new forms and styles.